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    Seasons 1-5 on iTunes!

    Duke of Deli Meats
    Duke of Deli Meats
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    *Owner, baby ;D*

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    Seasons 1-5 on iTunes!

    Post by Duke of Deli Meats

    Sorry about the lack of eene related updates, but I just stumbled upon one on T3E and decided you guys should be notified of it on here too!

    Since I'm much too lazy to make my own post for it, I'm just gonna quote Bunji's (the owner of T3E) post.

    Bunji wrote:While no-one was looking, someone snuck the last two seasons of Ed, Edd n' Eddy onto iTunes at $19.99 a pop, or $1.99 an episode!

    Here are the teeth-baringly awful descriptions of each season:

    Season 1

    Welcome to the Cul-de-Sac. The dead-end street where three friends bound by one name spend their days concocting crazy schemes, making a mess, and generally getting on everyone's nerves. Like the time Ed sleepwalked into people's houses and ate everything in their fridges. Or the time The Eds offer the neighborhood kids a "luxury cruise" in a floating inner tube. Yup, they're just like your real friends. Only weirder. We hope.

    Season 2

    Oh those Eds! When will they ever learn? Hopefully not too soon, because their stupid antics are hilarious! Like the time they ran afoul of Rolf's cursed phone. Or the time they got tricked into buying seeds to grow a money tree. Or the time they tried to fatten up Jimmy and ship him off to Japan as a Sumo Wrestler. Oh well, you get the picture. The big dumb picture.

    Season 3

    Dumb, dumber, and dumbest are up to their old shenanigans! Only now they're even more shenaniganier! Panic and fear run rampant among the Eds when the power goes out in the cul-de-sac! Eddy makes up all kinds of juicy gossip about the other kids for cash. Cha-ching! And poor Edd is forced on a desperate journey in search of personal hygiene when his parents renovate the bathroom. It sure stinks to be dumb!

    Season 4

    Oh those Eds. Will they ever learn that being an idiot doesn't pay? In Season 4, the lunacy continues as Rolf and Jimmy trick Eddy into buying seeds that grow into a "Money Tree." Eddy vows revenge when a masked stranger makes off with the proceeds of his latest scam. And all three of the morons spend the day trying to "move up in the world." Good luck with that. Seriously. If you lived in this cul-de-sac you would have moved by now.

    Season 5

    There is no standardized test on earth designed to determine just how dumb these knuckleheads are. So you'll just have to see for yourself. And in Season 5, the dumb just gets dumber as Eddy decides he's had enough of the drudgery of school and hatches a plan to "bust out". Edd uniwttingly becomes the school tough kid. And all three of them get lost in a series of flashbacks and find themselves unable to return "home". Yup, they are that dumb.

    (It's worth nothing that Season 5 includes 'The Eds are Coming', but not the Halloween or Christmas specials.)

    Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

    After a good scam goes really, really... really bad, Ed, Edd and Eddy have no other choice but to hightail it from the cul-de-sac. Panicked, Eddy suggests they find shelter at his Brother's place. And thus the Eds embark on an epic journey through uncharted territories to locate "Big Bro's" whereabouts, unaware that the enraged neighborhood kids are tracking them down for a "dork" pounding!

    Happy downloading!

    -Dee <3

    I think Eddy's brother is pretty cool guy. Eh hurts little kids and doesn't afraid of anything.
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