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    The 3 Eds Fanfiction Conest!!!

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    The 3 Eds Fanfiction Conest!!!

    Post by xChibiK_Eddx

    Hey, guys! I bring news from our friend site across the wireless!

    I was speaking with Bunji the other night and he informed me that over at The3eds.com they are holding a Fanfiction contest! He also told me that we at Yaoiland should definitely get involved and Yaoi Fanfiction IS allowed...however, the rules are we have to keep it at PG-13 and under! So, no sexy sexy plz or I'll be in the doghouse :p. Oh, and there are REAL prizes up for grabs!

    You have to be a member of the3eds to enter so be sure to join them if you haven't already! Afterall, this site was inspired by it! www.the3eds.com

    Have fun writing everybody! Make us staff proud :)

    xox <3.

    THE3EDS FANFICTION CONTEST http://the3eds.com/viewtopic.php?t=30459&f=1&sid=38ee52f395846764df1e7252ab3e248c

    "We all love a good bit of fanfiction. Whether it's dramatic, funny or just downright crazy it's great to see our favourite characters getting up to more adventures beyond the confines of the Cartoon Network budget. That's why we are proud to announce the inaugural The3Eds Fanfic of the Season contest!

    Every three months, all budding authors will be invited to write a fanfic with a special theme or twist over the period of two months. Once that period is up, members will then have two weeks to rate all the different fanfiction to decide their favourite. The writer of the best fanfiction will get to choose a prize from the following:

    Either season 1 or 2 on DVD
    One of any of the five seasons available on iTunes
    A copy of 'Scam of the Century' for the Nintendo DS
    One of the original two Ed, Edd n' Eddy DVDs
    A copy of the 'Big Picture Show' from iTunes

    The winner will also receive a stamp to put in their signature and a custom rank!"

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