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    Happy December :D!

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    Happy December :D!

    Post by xChibiK_Eddx

    Well, Yaoilanders. Here's to another Christmas at Edsyaoiland! Sorry this post is a day late :D.

    I hope you all have your Advent Calendars!...My boyfriend's mum got me a Hello Kitty one...ah, she knows me so well :D. (And, because of this, my mum hasn't got me one ¬_¬...NO,I AM NOT TOO OLD FOR ONE).

    What is everyone getting for Christmas this year? I feel as I get older Christmas gets less exciting emo HOWEVER. I might get some money towards a Medium Format film camera (because, sometimes, digital just does not cut it! urusai)

    Uuuh, yeah :D. Hope you all have snow and stuff. Lately, it's been annoying me 'cuz I needed to get a photographic project done but now it's all finished LET IT SNOW!...more wahaha

    Love Kat! <3.

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