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    Merry Christmas...! Er...Autumn

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    Merry Christmas...! Er...Autumn

    Post by xChibiK_Eddx

    Hi, ya'll!

    Hope everyone had a good Halloween. I still have sweets left over from the binging sesh my friend and I had for our movie day. However, it seems asthough Autumn has been amiss this year. The beginning of October had a mini heatwave over here in England and confused everything plant-like to think it was still Summer! The leaves are only just properly falling and changing colour haha! However, as always, as soon as the half term school holidays begin on the last week of October, the Christmas stuff comes out! I was in the city during the first two weeks of October and the big stores were already changing their decor - the Christmas trees were ALREADY UP DX! It's annoying because everyone gets all excited when there's still like 8 weeks to go ! My friend who works at Costa said their decorations went up in the shop this week which I noticed as I walked past yesterday! I don't think we'll put the xmas music on where I work at until December though - I hope! Unfortunately, working in a restaurant on Christmas eve can be very stressful when orders get backed up and there's only 4 chefs in the kitchen - I almost got hit by a flying spoon from an angry customer last year. I'm pretty sure the Christmas Eve before that wasn't as bad though :P lol. ANYWAY, work issues aside, I can't help but start getting all excited :D. Christmas Day isn't quite the same as it used to be when I was a kid but it's still nice to have a day with the family, DVDs, thequeen'sspeechlol and party games :D.

    The Christmas adverts have been slowly creeping onto tv as well as leaflets in the post. On that note, I'm not into the new Toys R Us song! I've also noticed a couple of cartoon Christmas related episodes cropping up on TV. Fairly Odd Parents and a winter themed Spongebob episode (not the xmas special). I had to give in and watch my DVD of the Phineas and Ferb Christmas special too as the songs* are all amazing :D. I also had to watch the Spongebob Christmas special.

    So, is anyone making a Christmas Cake this year? If so, be sure to take a picture and post it on here!

    Anyway, I might just drive myself crazy if I keep talking about Christmas so I'm gonna leave this for now twirly

    Kat <3

    *One of my favs <3

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