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    Points & Repuation System: The Explanation =]

    Duke of Deli Meats
    Duke of Deli Meats
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    *Owner, baby ;D*

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    Points & Repuation System: The Explanation =]

    Post by Duke of Deli Meats

    Hullo evrabuddeh! =] I've just updated the site with some new thingah mahjiggers but I forgot to actually explain what they were. *facepalm* Silly me. xD

    So here we have the Points-System-type-thingy-mahjigger.

    Haha...mahjigger...xDD It's fun to say. xD
    -Puts on serious face-

    The point system is a system based on different criteria and allowing users to evaluate. The number of points you get depends on the specific action you take. The points table below summarizes the point values for different actions. While you can't use points to buy or redeem anything, they do allow everyone to recognize how active and helpful you've been. Also, each forum I.E "EEnE Homage", "Berserk Ramblings", etc. are diffrerent in terms of how many points you can get for posting in it. (And they give you another excuse to brag to your friends.)Yea right...>.>

    How are points calculated?

    * Points generated by the number of posts
    * Points generated by the number of topics created
    * Points generated by the number of friends that the user has
    * Reputation points
    * Points generated by the registration date of the member

    Hurr hurr, got it guys? Good. This post might be updated depending on what I can do to make the points thing seem a bit more appealing and worth your while. xD

    The reputation system, as you have noticed, is a sub part of the point system. It also works with points.
    Reputation is composed of items related to evaluations by users and items related to the feature "Thank you". Users click the feature "Thank You" when they feel another user warranted it by posting something useful to the forum. Again, this system also shows how much and how well you contribute to the forum.

    Happy posting. =]

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