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    The Warning System: Oooh, you did something bad. :0

    Duke of Deli Meats
    Duke of Deli Meats
    *Owner, baby ;D*
    *Owner, baby ;D*

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    The Warning System: Oooh, you did something bad. :0

    Post by Duke of Deli Meats

    Grr, I hate writing these things but it's necessary. -_-

    See those bars in your profiles labled "Warning"? Well, those thingy mahjiggers (*snicker*...mahjigger) *ahem* are to help us keep track of your warning level. Obviously your warning level goes up everytime you do something against the rules such as spamming in undesignated areas of the site, harrassing other members, etc. See the rules for more details. =]

    Once your warning level has reached 100(a full bar), you will be banned for whatever amount of time the action you took warrants.

    Of course different actions warrant different amounts of points added to your warning level. (the list is coming soon...as soon as I can get some staff to help me. DX)

    Well that's it for now. Check out "Welcomes, Rules, Ed, Edd n Eddy info" on the index page for details on the rules if your unsure or ask a staff member. =]

    I think Eddy's brother is pretty cool guy. Eh hurts little kids and doesn't afraid of anything.
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